October 17, 2019 Senate Meeting Materials

Senate Meeting October 17, 2019

The University Senate will convene at 3:30 PM, Thursday, October 17, 2019 in the Performance Space in the Wexner Center for the Arts. The Senate business meeting will be followed immediately by an opportunity to view the exhibition HERE with Ohio State's own Ann Hamilton, Maya Lin, and Jenny Holzer. The Steering Committee estimates the business meeting will take 70 minutes.


  1. Secretary's Report #374

    Ben Givens, University Senate Secretary

  2. Welcome to the Wex!

    Johanna Burton, Director, Wexner Center for the Arts

  3. The Shared Values Initiative: Values and Ethics Survey

    Gates Garrity-Rokous, Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, Office of University Compliance and Integrity

  4. Perspective on the Health Science Colleges

    Harold Paz, Executive Vice President and Chancellor for Health Affairs

  5. Old Business

  6. New Business

  7. Announcements

  8. Adjournment