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University Senate

The University Senate is the shared governing body of The Ohio State University. Comprised of 141 faculty, students, staff, and administrators, the Senate's primary responsibility is to advise campus leaders on the key educational and academic policy concerns.

Current Senate Issues

As important issues develop across campus, the University Senate is positioned to create solutions that will help move the university forward. Through our shared governance model, the Senate and its committees connect students, faculty and staff to administrative offices where they can have a voice in key decisions.

Institutional Integrity: Moving from reactive to proactive

Over the past year, University Senate committees have examined how sexual misconduct and research misconduct are investigated and adjudicated. The senate will examine how the resulting committee recommendations can be incorporated into faculty rules and university policy.

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Alignment of Senate Committees and University Administration

Senate committees have a combination of faculty, student, staff, and administrative members. In order to enhance our system of shared governance, the relationship between senate committees and administrators/administrative offices should be strong for all committees.

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Revision of the General Education Curriculum

In November 2016, the Council on Academic Affairs (CAA) initiated a review of the GE curriculum at the request of the University Level Advisory Committee for General Education (ULAC) with the goal of developing a modern, common General Education program for all undergraduate majors.

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News and Announcements

From the Senate Secretary

Senate Resolutions

All resolutions passed by the University Senate and the University Faculty Council can be found here

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University News

Safety Review

In September 2021, Ohio State President Kristina M. Johnson directed the university’s public safety team to engage an external safety expert to examine the effectiveness of its expanded approach to off-campus safety in partnership with the city of Columbus. SRMC evaluated and reviewed the effectiveness of strategies, plans, programs, resources, tools and tactics utilized by both the university and the city of Columbus to enhance safety and overall perceptions in the off-campus neighborhoods.

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Featured Senator

Enrico Bonello

Faculty Senator and Steering Committee Chair Enrico Bonello awarded Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to Sweden

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From the Senate Secretary

Call for Faculty Volunteers to Serve on Senate Committees

Participating in shared governance is an opportunity to have your voice heard and influence the direction of The Ohio State University. Committee service allows faculty to directly impact decision making in various areas represented by Senate Committees. All faculty are eligible to participate in committee service and are encouraged to volunteer.

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From the Senate Secretary

Senate Committee Openhouse

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From the Senate Secretary

Welcome newly elected Faculty Senators and Alternates!

The Senate Office has successfully completed its yearly election period and is excited to welcome the newly elected Faculty Senators and Alternates!

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