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12/06/2017 / Featured

Looking for Great Ideas

On any given day, more than 100,000 people are on Ohio State’s campuses, and many of you undoubtedly have concerns...
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12/07/2016 / Featured

Message from the Secretary

Just like our football team, or more aptly our record-setting drone from the Aerospace Research Center, the University Senate is...
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10/07/2016 / Featured

Ohio State’s Strategic Plan: Time and Change

At its meeting on Oct. 5, 2017, the University Senate was honored with a visit from the chair of the...
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The University Senate was created by the Board of Trustees on July 7, 1972. Its 137 members comprise three constituencies: 70 faculty, 26 administrators, and 41 students. Regular meetings are scheduled at least seven times during the academic year and held on Thursday afternoons. The meetings are open to all members of the university community.

Subject to the authority of the Board of Trustees, the Senate has been delegated the legislative authority of the university faculty over educational and academic policy (Referendum vote of the University Faculty, May 11, 1973). From this action, and Rule 3335-5-41 of the Administrative Code, the Senate derives its principal powers on academic and educational matters.