Athletic Council Committee

Athletic Council

The Athletic Council maintains policies and programs that are designed to improve the academic progress and well-being of athletes. The committee also advises the Department of Athletics on decisions about finances and facilities. The committee membership includes faculty, students, alumni, athletes, administrators, and staff.


Chair, 2023-2024

Jennifer Cheavens

Committee Members

Member Source Term Expires
Terrance Hinton Faculty Council 2027
Sara Cole Presidentail 2027
WC Benton Presidential 2026
Nicole Kraft Faculty Council 2026
Kristin Stanford Presidential 2025
Chris Zirkle Faculty Council 2025
Jennifer Cheavens Presidential 2024
Brian Turner Faculty Council 2024
Katie Conner CGS 2024
Lindsay Logue USG 2024
Charlie McDermott USG 2024
Jordan Kalthoff IPC 2024
Staff (Presidential) 2023
Tom Gessells Staff (USAC) 2025
Alumni Association 2023
Asia Doss Alumni Association 2025

Rule 3335-5-48.5 Athletic Council

(A) The athletic council shall consist of sixteen voting members with terms commencing July 1 and completing June 30. Incoming members of the council may attend meetings as non-voting members immediately following selection.

  1. Eight faculty. The term of service is four years.
    1. Four faculty selected by the faculty council.
    2. Four faculty members appointed by the president.
  2. Four students.
    1. One graduate student.
    2. One professional student.
    3. Two undergraduate students. The term of service is two years with one student selected each year.
  3. Two alumni designated by the Ohio state university alumni association using procedures adopted by that body. The term of service is four years and the terms are staggered so that one member retires every two years.
  4. Two staff members, one selected by the university staff advisory committee and one by the president. The term of service is four years with one staff member selected every two years.
  5. Five ex-officio non-voting members or their designees.
    1. The director of athletics
    2. The vice president of student life
    3. The faculty athletics representative (FAR)
    4. The director of the student athletics support services office (SASSO)
    5. The president of the student-athlete advisory council (SAAC)
  1. Develop, subject to the general authority of the president and the board of trustees, policies governing intercollegiate athletics, as the agent of the senate. The senate may hold these policies in review.
    1. These policies shall guide the administration of the program of intercollegiate athletics by the director of athletics, but the athletic council shall not serve in an administrative or executive capacity.
    2. It will consider and establish policy on such matters as the income and expenditures budget, the schedules for seasonal and post-seasonal play in relation to the effect upon the welfare of the athletes, grants and other financial aid to athletes, eligibility of athletes, student grievance procedures and sportsmanship policies related to athletics, awards to athletes, ticket distribution, and public and campus relations of the athletic program.
    3. Its recommendations and decisions on policy shall be made known to the senate and to the staff of the department of athletics.
  2. Participate with the president in the process of selecting a faculty athletics representative. The faculty athletics representative shall provide advice and oversight for the intercollegiate athletics program at the Ohio state university and represent the university and its faculty to the NCAA. The faculty athletics representative also shall participate in the assurance of academic integrity of the athletics program; monitor the student-athlete experience; participate in the assurance of the institutional compliance with NCAA and conference regulations; and serve as the senior faculty advisor to the president and the director of athletics concerning the administration of the collegiate athletics program.
    1. When selecting a new faculty athletics representative, the athletic council shall prepare a list of no fewer than two tenured faculty members from which the president shall select a faculty athletics representative.
    2. Eighteen months prior to the end of the faculty athletics representative's final term, the chair of the athletic council shall appoint a nominating committee which shall have the responsibility to inform the university community about the position of faculty athletics representative and to invite applications and/or recommendations for nominations. Brief recommendations in writing that state the candidate's qualifications for the position may be submitted to the nominating committee by any member of the university community. Applications and nominations shall be due in accordance with a reasonable schedule established by the nominating committee.
    3. Final approval of the list of names submitted to the president shall be made by the full membership of the athletic council. The list for the faculty athletics representative position shall be presented to the president during the autumn semester preceding the start of the next term of office in order to allow for a smooth transition between outgoing and incoming faculty athletics representatives. The new faculty representative will be appointed January first to take office July first of the same year.
    4. The new faculty athletics representative will be appointed faculty athletics representative-elect on July one of the year before becoming faculty athletics representative. The faculty athletics representative-elect shall attend all meetings in which the faculty athletics representative has access to, but the faculty athletics representative-elect shall have no right to vote until the faculty athletics representative-elect becomes the faculty representative.
    5. The term of office for a faculty athletics representative is four years, beginning July one of the year following appointment as faculty athletics representative-elect. Reappointment for no more than two additional four-year terms is permissible. If an incumbent faculty athletics representative is eligible to and desires to serve another term, then at least nine months prior to the expiration of the current term, the athletic council shall complete a review of the incumbent's performance. If the council decides that the incumbent should serve another term and the president concurs, the faculty athletics representative's term shall be renewed. Otherwise, the athletic council shall move immediately to prepare a list to submit to the president following the procedures of paragraphs (B)(2)(a) to (B)(2)(c) of this rule, except for the time limitations.
    6. The faculty athletics representative shall not serve simultaneously as a member of the athletic council, but shall attend meetings of the council. The chair of the athletic council, or the chair's designee from among the faculty members of the athletic council, shall serve as the interim faculty athletics representative with full voting privileges at conference meetings whenever the faculty athletics representative is unavailable.
    7. In the event that the faculty athletics representative does not complete a full term, the faculty athletics representative-elect shall complete the remainder of the uncompleted term. The completion of a term does not constitute a four-year term for purposes of the three four-year term limitation in paragraph (B)(2)(e) of this rule. If there is no faculty athletics representative-elect at the time the faculty athletics representative vacates the position, the chair of the faculty council, or the chair's designee from among the faculty members of the athletic council, shall serve as the interim faculty athletics representative until the appointment of a new faculty athletics representative. Upon notice of a vacancy or an imminent vacancy in the faculty athletics representative position, the athletic council shall move immediately to prepare a list to submit to the president following the procedures of paragraphs (B)(2)(a) to (B)(2)(c) of this rule, except for the time limitations.
  1. Reports by the council to the president, other than those made through the senate, shall be made through the director of athletics.
  2. As a standing committee of the senate, this council is also governed by the provisions of rules 3335-5-46 and 3335-5-48 of the Administrative Code.

(Board approval dates: 5/1/1986, 7/11/1986, 2/5/1988, 7/12/1991, 2/4/1993, 7/8/1994, 11/4/1994, 7/7/1995, 5/3/1996, 4/4/1997, 4/3/1998, 6/1/2001, 7/11/2003, 6/7/2005, 6/18/2010, 6/6/2014, 5/31/2019)