Special Faculty Council Meeting

Special Faculty Council Meeting July 20, 2020

The Faculty Council will convene at 3:30 PM, Monday July 20, 2020 via CarmenZoom


  1. Call to Order

    Susan Cole, Chair, Faculty Council

  2. Rule Change for Title XI Compliance

    Jared Gardner, Chair, Rules Committee

    • 3335-5-04 Hearing procedures for complaints against faculty members
      • Addition of language to comply with new Federal Guidelines taking effect August 15
  3. Q&A Session on Fall Plans for Campus Return

    Amy Fairchild, Dean, College of Public Health, Task Force Advisory Subgroup Chair

    Kay Wolf, Senior Vice Provost

    Susan Basso, Senior Vice President, Talent, Culture and Human Resources

  4. Announcements & New Business

  5. Adjournment