Senate Meeting - November 9, 2017

Senate Meeting November 9, 2017

The University Senate will convene at 3:30 PM, Thursday, November 9, 2017 in Saxbe Auditorium, located in Drinko Hall. The Steering Committee estimates this meeting will last 90 minutes.


  1. Secretary’s Report #361

    Ben Givens, University Senate Secretary

  2. Electronic Attendance

    Preeti Palvankar, Systems Developer, Office of Distance Education and eLearning

  3. General Education Review

    Randy Smith, Vice Provost for Academic Programs
    Faculty Fellows: Cathy Montalto, Larry Krissek, Andrew Martin

  4. Proposal to Approve Changes to the University Faculty Rules

    1. Schools, departments, divisions, and sections

    2. Secretary of the University Senate

    3. Administration members

    4. Apportionment of faculty members

  5. Proposal to Award Honorary Degrees

    Jose Diaz, Chair, Honorary Degrees Committee

  6. Proposal to Change the Senate Meeting from January 18, 2018 to January 25, 2018

    Ben Givens, Secretary, University Senate

  7. University Sesquicentennial

    Nikia Reveal, Project Manager

  8. Tax Exempt Textbooks Resolution

    Mario Belfiglio, Chair, Undergraduate Student Caucus

  9. Old Business

  10. New Business

  11. Announcements

  12. Adjourn