March 9, 2017 Senate Meeting Materials

Senate Meeting March 9, 2017

The University Senate will convene at 3:30 PM, Thursday, March 9, 2017 in Saxbe Auditorium, located in Drinko Hall. Senior Vice President and Provost Bruce McPheron's annual “State of the Academic Affairs” address will immediately follow the conclusion of the Senate business meeting. The Steering Committee estimates the combined meeting, address, and subsequent Q & A period will take 70 minutes.


  1. Secretary’s Report #356

    Tim Gerber, University Senate Secretary

  2. Proposal to Approve Changes to the University Faculty Rules

    Stefan Niewiesk, Chair, Rules Committee

    1. 3335-5-48.6 Council on enrollment and student progress

  3. Undergraduate Student Government Textbook Affordability Proposal

    Sam Whipple, Senior Delegate to University Senate, USG

  4. Old Business

  5. New Business

  6. Announcements

  7. Adjourn