January 19, 2017 Senate Meeting Materials

Senate Meeting January 19, 2017

The University Senate will convene at 3:30 PM, Thursday, January 19, in the Saxbe Auditorium of Drinko Hall. The Senate business meeting will be followed immediately by President Michael Drake's annual “State of the University” address. The Steering Committee estimates the combined meeting, address, and subsequent Q & A period will take 90 minutes.


  1. Secretary’s Report #354

    Tim Gerber, University Senate Secretary

  2. CAA Proposal—History of Art new MA degree program in “Contemporary Art and Curatorial Practice”

    John Buford, Chair, CAA

    1. Whereas

    2. ASC – Proposal to establish the MA in Contemporary Art and Curatorial Practice

  3. Senate Steering Committee: Proposed 2017-18 calendar of Senate meeting dates

    Rebecca Harvey, Chair, Steering

    1. Proposed AY18 SENATE CALENDAR

  4. Proposal to move April Senate meeting to April 13 from April 20, 2017

    Bruce McPheron, Executive Vice President and Provost

  5. Old Business

  6. New Business

  7. Announcements

  8. Adjourn