Search for faculty trustee for Academic Affairs and Student Life Committee

From the Senate Secretary — October 4, 2021

Search for faculty trustee for Academic Affairs and Student Life Committee

Dear Colleagues,

The Board of Trustees is seeking a faculty member to serve a two-year term on the Academic Affairs & Student Life Committee. This person will succeed Dr. Susan Olesik, whose term concludes in November, and will be asked to participate in the committee's February 2022 meeting. The University Senate faculty leaders and the executive committee of Faculty Council will create a short list of nominees for the board. Faculty who are interested in serving in this role should meet the following qualifications for the position:

  1. The faculty member shall have a broad knowledge of the university and an appreciation for trans-institutional/interdisciplinary work, as well as demonstrable awareness of and dedication to the university's goals, including:
    • Creating and discovering knowledge to improve the well-being of our state, regional, national, and global communities;
    • Educating students through a comprehensive array of distinguished academic programs;
    • Preparing a diverse student body to be leaders and engaged citizens; and
    • Fostering a culture of engagement and service.
  2. The faculty member shall have experience in university governance and/or administration (e.g., chair of a major university committee or chair of a department).
  3. The faculty member shall be able to represent the broadest academic thinking and not see their role as one of simply representation of a single group.
  4. The faculty member shall have an awareness of the academic reputation and mission of the university within the state of Ohio and within the context of higher education nationally and globally.
  5. The faculty member shall have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and a strong ethic of maintaining confidentiality of sensitive or proprietary information.

Please nominate faculty who meet these qualifications that you would like to have considered for this appointment. Senate faculty leadership will narrow the field of candidates to three to five faculty, and the board will conduct interviews and select the representative.

Nominations should be sent by Friday, October 15, to Nominees will need to submit a one-page statement of interest and qualifications, and a curriculum vitae, to be considered.

Ben Givens
Secretary, University Senate