October 27, 2016 Faculty Council Meeting Agenda and Materials

The Faculty Council will convene at 3:30 PM, Thursday, October 27th in the the Ohio Union Senate Chambers.

1. Updates from the Chair – 3:30-3:35
   Ben Givens, Chair, Faculty Council

2. Ombudsman Report- 3:35-3:45
   Lynne Olson, University Ombudsman
Faculty Ombudsman Report 2015-2016

3. Shared Governance Caucus- 3:45-3:55
   Sam Whipple, USG Senior Delegate to University Senate

4. Regional Campuses- 3:55-4:15
   Jennifer Cowley, Vice Provost

5. Comprehensive Energy Management Project update
   Jennifer Cowley, Vice Provost

6. The Conversation- 4:15–4:45
   Jeff Grabmeier, Senior Director, Research Communications
   Bear Braumoeller, Political Science
   Claire Kamp Dush, Human Sciences and Sociology

7. 06 Rule proposal update- 4:45-5:00
   Stefan Niewiesk, Chair, Rules Committee

8. Old Business
9. New Business
10. Announcements
11. Adjournment