October 2, 2014 University Senate Meeting

October 2, 2014 Senate Meeting Agenda and Materials

The University Senate will convene at 3:30 PM, Thursday, October 2nd in 130 Drinko Hall.
The Steering Committee estimates this meeting will last 1.5 hours. 

1)       Secretary’s Report
Tim Gerber, University Senate Secretary

2)       Remarks to the University Senate
President Michael Drake

3)       Proposed Department Name Change
Randy Smith, CAA Vice-Chair

4)       Student Code of Conduct
Kent Harrison, COAM Chair
Kathryn Corl, COAM Director
Justin Moses, Director, Student Conduct
Celia Wright, USG President

5)       Academic Calendar – Proposed Fall Break
Mark Rudoff, CESP Chair
Aliah Hasan, CESP Member

6)       Report from the Faculty Ombudsman
Lynne Olson, Faculty Ombudsman

7)       Old Business

8)       New Business

9)       Announcements