November 17, 2011 Senate Meeting

Date: November 10, 2011

To: Members and Alternates to the University Senate
From: Tim Gerber, Secretary of the Senate

Subject: University Senate Agenda for 11/17/2011

The University Senate will convene in regular session at 3:30 PM, Thursday, November 17th in Saxbe Auditorium
(130 Drinko Hall)

1. Approval of Secretary’s report

2. Proposals from the Council on Academic Affairs – Kay Wolf, CAA Chair
a) BS in Public Health
b) Academic Unit Name Change for Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science
c) Academic Unit Name Change for the Department of Human and Community Resource Development
d) Academic Unit Name Change for the School of Allied Medical Professions

3. Council of Academic Affairs Update – Kay Wolf, CAA Chair

4. Fiscal Committee Update – Harald Vaessin, Fiscal Committee Chair

5. New Business

6. Old Business

7. Announcements