Faculty Council Meeting

Faculty Council Meeting March 5, 2020

The Faculty Council will convene at 3:30 PM, Thursday, March 5th in the Ohio Union Senate Chamber.


  1. Call to Order- 3:30

    Sharon Schweikhart, Chair, Faculty Council

  2. Student/Advisor Relationship Initiative- 3:45

    Alicia Bertone, Dean, Graduate School

  3. Proposal to Amend the Cap on Clinical Faculty- College of Veterinary Medicine- 4:00

    Jennifer Higginbotham, Chair, CAA

  4. The Ohio State University Press- 4:20

    Tony Sanfilippo, Director

  5. Senate Committees- 4:35

    Amy Darragh, Chair, Senate Steering Committee

  6. Ohio Faculty Council- 4:45

    Ben Givens, Secretary, University Senate

  7. Announcements & New Business- 4:55

  8. Adjournment - 5:00