Library Committee

Library Committee


Chair, 2022-2023

Sharon Schweikhart

Committee Members

Member Source Term Expires
Sharon Schweikhart Faculty Council 2023
Ann Deerhake Faculty Council 2023
Joan Cashin Faculty Council 2024
Nath Rao Faculty Council 2024
Michael Vilensky Faculty Council 2025
Faculty Council 2025
USG 2023
Michelle Leao CGS 2023
Olivia LeRoux IPC 2023
USAC 2023
Damon Jaggars Dean of Libraries
Peter Mohler VP for Research (or designee)
Cindy Leavitt CIO (or designee)

3335-5-48.2 Library Committee

The Library Committee shall consist of thirteen members.

  1. Six faculty.
  2. Three students.
    1. One graduate student.
    2. One professional student.
    3. One undergraduate student.
  3. Three administrators
    1. The dean of university libraries.
    2. Chief information officer (or their designees).
    3. The vice president for research or their designees).
  4. One staff member, appointed by the dean of the university libraries in consultation with the university staff advisory committee.
  1. Advise the dean of university libraries in the planning and implementation of programs and policies supporting the educational, research, and service activities of libraries and related units.
  2. Articulate the library's mission, goals, and needs to the university administration
  3. Assist the dean of university libraries in the assessment, improvement, and promotion of library and information services that support the university community.
  4. Advice the dean of university libraries on agreements with publishers and information vendors that are in the best interest of the university community.
  5. Advise the appropriate administrative office on the appointment of the dean of university libraries.
  1. The chair shall be elected from among the voting members of the committee.
  2. As a standing committee of the senate, this committees governed by the provisions of rules 3335-5-46 of the Administrative Code.