Intellectual Property Policy Unanimously Passes News Article

Current Campus Issues — March 27, 2018

Intellectual Property Policy Unanimously Passes

At the March 8 meeting of the University Senate, the Intellectual Property Policy passed unanimously. The new policy provides for ownership of copyright for traditional works, rights in patents and inventions, along with a royalty sharing model, and rights in software. The Policy has not been substantively changed for 30 years, in spite of multiple attempts over the decades. This challenge derives from the difficulty and importance of creating a policy which is acceptable to many competing viewpoints. As mentioned by the IPPC chair, Guy Rub, “intellectual property is at the heart of a research university.”

The Intellectual Property, Patents, and Copyright committee was established by a vote of the University Senate on February 27, 2014 to, among other duties, suggest revisions to the Intellectual Property policy. Throughout its existence, the committee has created several drafts of the policy, yet never reached an agreement before this current revision. After four years, IPPC and the University Policy process created a version which passed through the Senate.

The final step for this policy is consideration and vote at the April 6 Board of Trustees meeting