February 26, 2015 University Senate Meeting Agenda and Materials

The University Senate convenes at 3:30PM, Thursday, February 26 in 130 Drinko Hall. The Steering Committee estimates this meeting will last 1.5 hours.

1. Secretary’s Report #341
Tim Gerber, University Senate Secretary

2. Proposal to establish a Master of Sport Coaching
Jim Rathman, CAA Chair

3. Proposal to establish a Master of Learning Technologies
Jim Rathman, CAA Chair

4. 2015-16 University Senate Meeting Schedule
Tim Gerber, Senate Secretary

5. Visions of the Future from the Office of the Chief Information Officer
Mike Hofherr, Vice President and Chief Information Officer

6. State of Academic Affairs
Joseph Steinmetz, Executive Vice President and Provost

7. Old Business
8. New Business
9. Announcements