February 6, 2020 Faculty Council Meeting Materials

Faculty Council Meeting February 6, 2020

The Faculty Council will convene at 3:30 PM, Thursday, February 6th in the Ohio Union Senate Chamber.


  1. Call to Order- 3:30

    Sharon Schweikhart, Chair, Faculty Council

  2. Presidential Search Conversation- 3:30

    Sharon Schweikhart, Ben Duwve, Devin Peterson

    University Advisory Subcommittee

  3. Research Strategic Plan- 4:15

    Morley Stone, Senior Vice President, Office of Research

  4. UITL Teaching Support Program Update- 4:30

    Kay Halasek, Director, University Institute for Teaching and Learning (UITL)

  5. Council on Academic Affairs (CAA) proposals- 4:45

    Jennifer Higginbotham, Chair, CAA

    1. Proposal to change the name of the Department of Family Medicine

    2. Proposal to change the title of the program in Comparative and Veterinary Medicine

  6. Announcements & New Business- 4:55

  7. Adjournment – 5:00