Faculty Council Meeting

Faculty Council Meeting April 8, 2021

The Faculty Council will convene at 3:30 PM, Thursday April 8, 2021 via CarmenZoom


  1. Call to Order

    Susan Cole, Chair, Faculty Council

  2. Update from Senate Fiscal Committee

    Discussion of fiscal implicatinos of hte plant operations and maintenance rates

    Scott Klute, Sr. Dir., Financial Panning and Analysis, Office of Business and Finance

    Scott Potter, Sr. Dir., Comprehensive Energy Management, Office of Business and Finance

    Kristine Devine, Vice President of Operations and Deputy Chief Financial Officer

    Michele Basso, Chair, Senate Fiscal Committee

  3. Rules Item

    Discussion of Rules update to clarify language regarding P&T procedures oulined in rule 335-6-04

    Jared Gardner, Chair, Rules committee

  4. CAA Proposal to Change the name of hte Department of Management Sciences - Fisher College of Business

    Randy Smith, Vice Provost for Academic Programs, OAA

  5. Update of Faculty Council Bylaws to include University Sanctioning Committee

    Ken Lee, Chair Elect of Faculty Council

  6. Discussion of Enrollment Planning 2021 and Beyond

    Stephanie Sanders, Associate Vice President Strategic Enrollment Planning

  7. Pulse of the Faculty

  8. Adjournment