Student Affairs Committee Information

Student Affairs

The Council on Student Affairs (CSA) takes up issues which affect all aspects of the life of a student at the university, including policies, practices, and the organization of the office of student life. The committee also administers the use of the student activities fee and is responsible for revisions to the code of student conduct. The committee is chaired by one of the student members.


Chair, 2023-2024

Peter Carrera

Committee Members

Member Source Term Expires
Allison Armstrong Faculty Council 2024
Mandy Fox Faculty Council 2024
Adam Fromme Faculty Council 2025
Harpreet Singh Faculty Council 2025
Emily Buck Faculty Council 2026
Deborah Grzybowski Faculty Council 2026
Bobby McAlpine USG 2025
Aya Aldosari USG 2025
Kristen Myers USG 2025
Jack Tumulty USG 2024
Anthony Alatalo USG (Regional) 2024
Krutant Mehta CGS 2024
Michelle Lee-Scott Beverly CGS 2024
Peter Carrera CGS 2024
Jordan Kalthoff IPC 2024
Sheridan Tassy IPC 2024
Lorraine Pennyman OSL, Staff 2024
Annie Maxwell OSL Staff, Regional 2024
Akua Nelson OSL Staff (Non-Voting) 2024
Matt Couch Director Student Activities / Designee (Non-Voting)
Danny Glassman AVP of Student Engagement and Support (Non-Voting)
Melissa Shivers VP, Office of Student LIfe (Non-Voting)

Rule 3335-5-48.4 Council on Student Affairs.

The council on student affairs shall consist of twenty-two members.

  1. Six faculty, at least two of whom are members of the senate. The term of service begins in summer session.
  2. Ten students. The term of service begins in summer session.
    1. Three graduate students.
    2. Two professional students.
    3. Four undergraduate students. Two of these students shall have a term of service of one year. Two of these students shall have a term of service of two years, with one student selected each year.
    4. One student from a regional campus selected by the undergraduate student government.
  3. Three staff members, appointed by the vice president for student life. The term of service is one year and begins in summer session.
    1. One non-voting student affairs staff member to act as the secretary for the council.
    2. A student affairs staff member from a regional campus.
    3. A college office student affairs staff member.
  4. Three administrators, non-voting.
    1. The vice president for student life or designee.
    2. The associate vice president for student life for planning and student development.
    3. The director of student activities or designee.
  5. Alternates.

Members of the council on student affairs may have an alternate. The alternate shall be selected in the same manner as the original appointment. The chair has responsibility for recording correct voting status. If the member has voting status, the alternate may vote in the event of the member's absence.

  1. Initiate recommendations and review proposals with regard to policies which may affect the quality of student life.
  2. Make regulations pursuant to the rules of the university faculty, the bylaws, and the statutes, insofar as they pertain to the quality of student life.
  3. Advise the vice president for student life regarding the programs, services, and activities of the division.
  4. Establish study groups, committees, and other mechanisms as needed to explore issues affecting the quality of student life and make recommendations regarding these issues to the vice president for student life, the senate, and other appropriate groups.
  5. Advise other university departments and administrative units regarding proposed changes within those departments and units that may affect student rights and responsibilities.
  6. Approve policies that govern the registration, rights, privileges, and obligations of student organizations, including but not limited to fraternities and sororities, student publications, and student government. This responsibility may be delegated by the council to appropriate committees or administrative agencies.
  7. Serve as a channel of communication for the work of all other committees, permanent and ad hoc, that address issues within the domain of the council on student affairs and establish mechanisms by which such committees report regularly to the council on student affairs and through it to the university senate.
  8. Conduct periodic reviews of the application of the “Code of student conduct.” Recommend to the senate any proposed changes to the “Code of student conduct.”
  9. Serve as the sole administrative body for any student activity fees. This responsibility may be delegated by the council to appropriate committees or administrative agencies.
  1. The chair shall be elected from among the incoming and continuing student members of the committee during the last meeting of spring semester. For purposes of this election, all incoming and continuing members shall be eligible to vote; incoming and continuing members may choose alternates if necessary.
  2. The council shall establish operating procedures to conduct, in an orderly fashion, the functions of the council.
  3. As a standing committee of the senate, this council is also governed by the provisions of rules 3335-5-46 and 3335-5-48 of the Administrative Code.

(Board approval dates: 5/1/1986, 2/5/1988, 11/2/1990, 7/12/1991, 2/4/1993, 7/9/1993, 11/4/1994, 6/2/1995, 5/3/1996, 4/3/1998, 6/4/1999, 6/29/2001, 12/6/2004, 6/4/2004, 3/4/2005, 6/7/2005, 5/14/2010, 6/6/2014, 5/31/2019)