Graduate Associate Compensation & Benefits Committee (GCBC) Page

Graduate Associate Compensation & Benefits Committee (GCBC)

The Graduate Associate Compensation & Benefits Committee (GCBC) is chaired by a graduate student and assesses the support of graduate associates at the university. Each year, GCBC comes out with recommendations concerning the funding of graduate and professional students.

Committee Leadership

Chair, 2023 - 2024

Jorge Clavo Abbass

Committee Members

Member Source Term Expires
Danielle Fosler-Lussier Grad Council Faculty 2026
Keith Gooch Faculty Council 2026
Krutant Mehta CGS 2024
Brian Rocha CGS 2024
Debbie Jones CGS 2024
Deborasmita Pathak CGS 2024
Diane Mashburn CGS 2024
CGS 2023
Andrew Blatter Dean of Graduate School / Designee
Katie Hall VP, Office of Human Resources / Designee
Natalia Higuita-Castro VP Office of Research / Designee

Rule 3335-5-48.18 Graduate Associate Compensation and Benefits Committee

The graduate associate compensation and benefits committee shall consist of eleven voting members.

  1. Six funded graduate students, one of whom preferably will be a member of the graduate council and one of whom must be a member of the university senate. Each shall have a term of service of one year with reappointment to consecutive terms encouraged.
    1. There shall be at least one current or former graduate teaching associate.
    2. There shall be at least one current or former graduate research associate.
    3. There shall be at least one current or former graduate administrative associate.
    4. There shall be at least one current or former fellowship recipient.
  2. Two faculty.
    1. One faculty member from, and selected by, the graduate council.
    2. One faculty member, who is also a senator, selected by the executive committee of faculty council.
  3. Three administrators.
    1. The dean of the graduate school, or designee.
    2. The vice president for human resources, or designee.
    3. The vice president for research, or designee.
  4. One department, school, center or college-level staff member with extensive fiscal and budgetary experience and expertise, selected by the council of deans in consultation with the senior fiscal officers, non-voting.
  5. Additional non-voting members and consultants from the university, serving at the discretion of the voting members of the committee.
  1. Study the adequacy and other attributes of the university's policies and provisions including stipends, outside professional services, and supplemental compensation.
  2. Conduct research and provide advice on economic support of graduate associates, professional development, quality and design of benefit programs, and appointment terms.
  3. Make recommendations to the university senate, the graduate council, the graduate school, and the office of academic affairs as appropriate.
  1. The committee shall annually elect a chair from its regular student membership.
  2. As a standing committee of the senate, this committee is also governed by the provisions of rules 3335-5-46 and 3335-5-48 of the Administrative Code.

(Board approval dates: 5/6/2005, 4/6/2007, 2/10/2012)