Distance Education, Libraries, and Information Technology (DELT) Committee Page

Distance Education, Libraries, and Information Technology (DELIT)

The Council on Distance Education, Libraries, and Information Technology (DELIT) has the broad charge of understanding and overseeing our digital resources for education, communication, and information storage and exchange. The work of DELIT helps define what it means to have a smart campus, and provides an important voice in key technological initiatives.


2019-2020 Chair

Nicole Kraft

Committee Members

Member Source Term Expires
Nicole Kraft Faculty Council 2022
Teng Leng Ooi Faculty Council 2022
Emily Buck Faculty Council 2021
Neelam Soundarajan Faculty Council 2021
Avraham Benatar Faculty Council 2020
Celia Wills Faculty Council 2020
Jim Fowler Faculty Council 2020
Julie Fox Faculty Council 2020
Austin Hilvert USG 2020
Salha Sassi CGS 2020
Candice Park IPC 2020
Sarah Dawson Staff Member - USAC 2020
Rachel Nash Grad School Dean / Designee
Damon Jaggars Libraries Director
Liv Gjestvang AVP, Distance Education
Mike Hofherr OCIO

Rule 3335-5-48.2 Council on Distance Education, Libraries and Information Technology

The council on distance education, libraries and information technology shall consist of sixteen members.

  1. Eight faculty.
  2. Three students.
    1. One graduate student.
    2. One professional student.
    3. One undergraduate student.
  3. Four administrators (or their designees).
    1. The dean of the graduate school.
    2. The director of libraries.
    3. The chief information officer.
    4. The associate vice president for distance education.
  4. One staff member, appointed by the university staff advisory committee.
  1. Formulate policies governing the delivery of distance education and educational and research activities and services of libraries and information technology.
  2. Assist in the interpretation of distance education, library, and information technology services to the university community.
  3. Assist in the presentation of major distance education, library and information technology needs to the university administration.
  4. Advise the appropriate administrative office on the appointment of the associate vice president for distance education, the director of university libraries, and the chief information officer.
  1. The chair shall be elected from among the voting members of the council.
  2. Reports by this council to the president, other than those made through the senate, shall be made through the executive vice president and provost.
  3. As a standing committee of the senate, this council is also governed by the provisions of rules 3335-5-46 and 3335-5-48 of the Administrative Code.

(Board approval dates: 5/1/1986, 2/5/1988, 11/2/1990, 2/4/1993, 11/4/1994, 5/3/1996, 4/4/1997, 12/4/1998, 7/12/2002, 6/7/2005, 9/9/2011, 4/4/2014, 5/31/2019)