Committee on Academic Technology (CAT)

Committee on Academic Technology (CAT)



Stephanie Aubry

Committee Members

Member Source Term Expires
Curtis Knipe Faculty Council 2023
Stephanie Aubry Faculty Council 2023
Jim Fredal Faculty Council 2023
Kevin Evans Faculty Council 2024
Neelam Soundarajan Faculty Council 2024
Ralph Greco Faculty Council 2025
Jane Hammons Faculty Council 2025
Sabine Jeschonnek Faculty Council 2025
Abigail Berk USG 2023
Michael Insko CGS 2023
Gary Sukienik IPC 2023
Lauren Gannon Evans USAC 2023
Katie Culbertson USAC 2024
Staff (appointed by CIO) 2023
Rob Griffiths Chief Digital Learning Officer (or designee)
Grace Wang EVP of ERIK (or designee)
Peter Mohler VP for Research (or designee)
Cindy Leavitt CIO (or designee)

Rule 3335-5-48.3 Committee on Academic Technology

The committee on academic technology shall consist of eighteen members.

  1. Eight faculty
  2. Three students
    1. One graduate student
    2. One professional student
    3. One undergraduate student
  3. Four administrators (or their designees)
    1. The chief information officer
    2. The vice president for research, innovation and knowledge
    3. The chief digital learning officer
  4. Three staff members. Two staff members shall be appointed by the university staff advisory committee, and one by the chief information officer.
  1. Advise the chief information officer in the planning and implementation of academic technology programs and policies, including those pretaining to education, research and service activities.
  2. Assist the university administration in the identification, review, and implementation of academic technology infrastructure.
  3. Advocate for academic technology infrastratucture that is inclusive, affordable, accessible, and user-friendly for faculty, students, and staff.
  4. Advise the appropriate administrative office on the appointment of the chief information officer and the chief digital learning officer.
  1. The chair shall be elected from among the voting members of the committee.
  2. As a standing member of the senate, this committee is governed by the provisions of rules 3335-5-46 of the Administrative Code.