April 4, 2017 University Senate Special Meeting Agenda and Materials


The University Senate will convene at 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday April 4, 2017 in the Saxbe Auditorium of Drinko Hall to consider matters related to the Comprehensive Energy Management Project. The Steering Committee estimates the meeting will last 75 minutes.

In advance of this meeting, all senators should read the Provost’s March 30 letter to the university community outlining the goals and general parameters of the proposal. In addition, nine related documents, each with its own URL, provide further detail. These constitute the materials for the meeting. Please read each to become acquainted with dimensions of the proposal to be discussed at this meeting. The agenda follows below these links:

Provost McPheron’s March 30 letter:

Media Release
[Energy partnership to support Ohio State’s sustainability and academic mission]


Chapters of the proposal


1. Secretary’s Introduction
Tim Gerber, University Senate Secretary

2. Details of the Recommendation to the University Board of Trustees
Michael V. Drake, President
Bruce McPheron, Provost
Mike Papadakis, Treasurer and VP for Financial Services and Innovation

3. Sense of the Senate Resolution
Bruce McPheron, Provost

4. Adjourn