DATE: May 30, 2012
TO: Members and Alternates to the University Senate
FROM: Tim Gerber, University Senate Secretary

SUBJECT: The University Senate will convene in regular session at 3:00PM, Thursday, June 7th in 130 Drinko Hall.

1. Approval of Secretary’s Report
2. Report from Secretary of the Senate, Tim Gerber

3. CAA Items: Kay Wolf, Council on Academic Affairs Chair
o Proposed creation of the Institute for Population Studies
o Name Change: Department/PhD Art Education to Arts Administration, Education, and Policy
o Deactivate/Withdraw degree programs for semesters

4. Rules Proposals: Jeff Ford, Rules Committee Chair
o CAFR Membership Requirements Proposal
o Ohio Union Council/University Rec Sports Committee Reorganization Proposal
o Change in Fiscal Committee Duties Proposal
o 3335-3-30.1 Job Description Rule Change Proposal

5. Department of Athletics Update: John Davidson, Athletic Council Chair and Gene Smith, Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics

6. Student Government Year-End Reports
i. Outgoing USG President Nick Messenger
ii. Outgoing CGS President Vijay Gadepally
iii. Outgoing IPC President Megan Conroy

7. Faculty Council Year-End Report: Jim Rathman, Outgoing Faculty Council Chair

8. Parking Discussion and Recommendations

9. New Business

10. Old Business

11. Announcements

12. Adjourn