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Parking Discussion Resources

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Several committees of the University Senate will explore and discuss questions from the university community regarding the current parking lease proposal. The links below illustrate the types of questions these committees will investigate.

Parking Analysis and Spreadsheet: May 31, 2012
Parking Privatization Financial Analysis
Financial Analysis Spreadsheet
Financial Analysis Powerpoint

Parking-Related Documents
Memorandum from Steering Committee regarding the solicitation of proposals from prospective bidders
An Analysis of Certain Aspects of the OSU Proposal to Lease Parking Operations
Discussion of parking privatization analysis
Analysis of Parking Privatization Survey
Link to more information and Parking Advisory Group membership
Resolution passed by Faculty Council on 11/10/2011
October 27, 2011 USAC/Faculty Council Town Hall Presentation
Questions from AAUP on OSU parking privatization

Parking Related Materials for March 8, 2012 Faculty Council Meeting
Parking Resolution II
Parking Resolution I
B. Weide Spreadsheet – 3/5/12
Chatas Response to Issues and Questions from 2/7
Parking Issues and Questions from 2/7